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Welcome to our book reviews page! Here is where we share some books that our team has personally read that we recommend to our

readers and clients. 


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Dusty Rose by author Ashby Frost is a nail-biting thriller that will keep you captivated! A taste of the story is available in the February issue of IGNITIVEIFY Magazine, the full novel is being released in summer 2021. 


Dark Stalker by author Juanita D. Houston is a novel that you don't want to miss! This story will keep you guessing at every turn; you will not want to put this book down once you start! Juanita knows how to write her novels in such a way that her readers crave more!


Dangerous Ledges is a captivating thriller that will grab a hold of your thoughts and scare you! Author Fallon Raynes masterfully captures the emotions of her characters at the same time running her reader's emotions overboard in this hard to put down novel!  

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Girl Bully will rock your world! Author Leigh M. Hall delivers a deliciously disturbing novel wrapped up in thrilling suspense and erotic flavor drawing her readers into a book that will disturb your very soul to its core!