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Bringing Authors & Readers Together One Issue At A Time!

We are an Author Lifestyle Magazine, published by Rustic Barn Publishing. Our parent company is Twisted Wolf Graphix, owned by horror author Crespin Frost. Twisted Wolf Graphix is a Graphic Design biz that offers Marketing & Promoting for authors, books, and other professionals in the writing industry. We market and advertise authors across the USA and around the world; although IGNITIVEIFY Magazine is three years old, we are not new in the magazine business; we've been designing, building, and publishing magazines since 2015 and have grown a large number of subscribers for our magazines along the way reaching over 40,000 in 2021 and by 2023, we are sitting just over 162,000 and continuing to grow daily. We are dedicated to building our subscriber base by bringing our readers beautiful, informative magazines with unforgettable short stories, articles, and features that our readers crave. 

Our company suffered due to Covid-19 lockdowns; we knew to keep our magazines going, we had to turn our magazine into primarily an online magazine with a print-on-demand option through a third-party company, which has worked out fantastically! Unfortunately, we had to discontinue printing our five other magazines entirely.


We now offer a custom designed personalized magazine for authors, designers and businesses that is printed from 10 to 3,000 copies per issue. This is a fabulous way for authors to reach their readers on a more personal level in a unique way that is beautiful and designed in any genre per author. They can be added to swag bags or handed out or sold at signing events. 

We keep our magazine advertising prices affordable, and we offer a premium printed version on 85# paper giving the magazine a book-like feel in vibrant, eye-catching colors throughout; the printed versions are available for purchase in our print-on-demand store! 

IGNITIVEIFY is a quarterly magazine released three times per year. Our goal is to showcase Indie authors who write and publish a variety of genres. We feature their lifestyles, books, and short stories and include many author interviews, so readers can get to know each author, encouraging them to purchase copies of their books and support the new author or new to the reader author they have found inside IGNITIVEIFY Magazine.

IGNITIVEIFY Magazine was created and brought to life by indie author Savannah McCann; she envisioned a magazine that primarily features Indie Authors, although Traditionally published authors are welcome in each issue of IGNITIVEIFY. We have featured several USA Today Best-Selling Authors and a few NYT Best Sellers; many of those are indie authors. Her goal is to help authors to reach as many readers as possible regardless of whether they are published by a well-known publisher, self-published, or just write short stories and poetry; it gives those writers a place to share their writing with a large audience. 

Savannah McCann is an indie author dedicated to writing books, marketing & advertising with excellent graphic design experience. Savannah works extremely hard for each and every client, plus she puts endless time into the design and creation of each magazine issue from cover to cover and all of the pages in between so that the readers have a fabulous reading experience! 

Savannah is best known for her cowboy~cowgirl short stories and her popular series Wild Horse Run. She resides in North Central, Texas, in a quaint lakeside town with her high school sweetheart Crespin and their rambunctious dogs Odie Beau & Moxie Grace.

Please visit the Crimson Raven link for information on Crespin Frost's thriller-horror author magazine. 

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